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Thank you so much for taking a break and visiting with us! (a division of The Unwind Company™) began delivering premium quality, back-care and relaxation products and furniture back in the late 90's. We've experienced incredible growth and have truly enjoyed helping millions of folks to "Relax & Unwind" along the way.

The goal of is to bring our customers and guests the latest life-enhancing relaxation, back, body and massage products available. We have committed resources to providing many free services that everyone can enjoy. We not only sell relaxation and back care furniture, massage and back products- We are dedicated to helping people "Relax and Unwind," and to enjoy life to the fullest.

Why not stop by and visit our newest retail back-store located at 3911 Hwy 80 East in Pearl, MS. You're sure to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and our great selection of Massage Chairs, Scandinavian Sleep Systems bedding items, back products, pillows and supports, hand and motorized massagers and 1000's of other exciting back and body products and furniture!

We are currently adding additional back-healthy furniture, healthcare and other services that we feel can further enhance the days & lives of our customers, site users and friends. We hope you will make a commitment to improve both your life and those around you with a healthy approach to improving your mental and physical well-being. Life can be hectic these days- Don't let the burden of daily stress or physical back or body pain weigh you down.

Do you have a Back Furniture, Relaxation, Body or Massage Product, Service or Suggestion that we can bring to others? Please drop us a note and we will consider it. Remember, you are our driving force, our customer and always a friend.

Wishing You & Your Family Health, Peace & Relaxation

Your Friends at is Your #1 Source for Products to Relax Your Back, Body and Lifestyle Your #1 Source for Relaxation, Back, Body and Massage Products- Over 40,000 Products In Stock for Fast Shipping!

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